Saturday, February 26, 2011

javascript and jquery slide shows

I am working on a slideshow for Traditions Home. The prototype can be found on many site, but I am using Stickley's Collector Piece 2011 as an example.

The elements are as follows:

1. The unordered list.

2. The css that styles the list.

3. Three jquery js files that allow for the sliding of the thumbnails and then for the larger images to be revealed when clicking on the thumbnail.

The javascript is from lightbox and the use of this code permits the display of large images.The lightbox website and the download code is available.

4. Two separate folders for images are needed. One for the thumbnails, one for the larger images. The thumbnail images are sized 150 x 175 pixels.The larger images are a big 1000 x 600 pixels.

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