Friday, February 25, 2011

Deadline Hollywood

Great blogs are always changing things up. Deadline Hollywood is the hottest property in the entertainment industry. This is a result of both its biting commentary and its super charged layout. Let's see if we can uncover a few of the secrets of the layout.


Nothing special here.The margin and padding properties are set to 0. A couple of other housekeeping functions are set. The background color is set to #421010, a dark purple.


Deadline calls the container "core" and sets the width to 1000px. The container is then centered using the standard css - 0 auto, 20px auto. The background color of the core is set to #370b0a, a lighter shade of the body color.


The header contains several key elements. The first is the top menu called the masthead, which is an unordered list. A second element contains the editor's name, Nikki Finke.

I'll be back. Gotta go to work.

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